• Evie Networks
    Spotlight partner
    Evie Networks

    Evie Networks (Evie) is an Australian company building Australia’s largest ultra-fast electric vehicle charging network.  Privately backed by the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, Evie’s first highway site is scheduled to be operational in October 2019 and will grow to 42 sites located along the east coast stretching from Cairns in far north Queensland and connecting the major capital cities through to Adelaide, plus sites in Tasmania and Perth.   We are working with world class partners including Tritium, who is an Australian based world-leading manufacturer and exporter of EV charging equipment, to design, build and operate this network.

    Evie is also developing metropolitan-based EV charging networks, focusing on enabling the next wave of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).  Leveraging suitable locations and existing parking facilities the aim is to integrate multi-modal, on-demand mobility services with existing transport infrastructure to shape the a clean and sustainable future for transport.

  • Smarter City
    Smarter City

    Since 2008 Smarter City Solutions has been motivating a transformation in the parking industry, with a focus on cloud-based integrated technologies. Being innovators, not imitators, Smarter City Solutions has studied the market and identified areas where there is a need for something new. Where conventional thinking was just not cutting it, Smarter City Solutions developed solutions that are future-proof, sustainable and customer-focused, igniting a revolution not an evolution.

    From virtual permit systems utilising Robotic Process Automation to modular infringement issuance and lifecycle management systems. From IoT sensors to cloud based off-street car park management systems. All proven. All integrated.

    With new and exciting developments being introduced regularly by Smarter City Solutions, there’s no limit to how Smart your City could be.

  • DCA

    DCA are leaders and continuous innovators at the forefront of Smart City Mobility Solutions. Our clients have access to technology, data and systems that help them make informed decisions to maximise the use of limited resources like land, parking spaces and roads, and minimise wasted time, cost and delays.

    As the preferred data and technology partner of over 200 municipalities in Australia and New Zealand, DCA has pioneered many of the existing smart city, parking and mobility technologies currently available in Australasia. We invest heavily in research and development to keep innovating towards fully connected and automated mobility.

  • Traffic Management Association of Australia
    Supporting partner
    Traffic Management Association of Australia

    The Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) is the peak body for Traffic Management. The TMAA represents the Traffic Management and Traffic Control industry throughout Australia.

    The TMAA represents a total cross section of industry providers from small regional businesses to national traffic management companies working across all states and all road and infrastructure projects. The continued growth of traffic management across the nation is a direct result of the growth in government and private projects currently under development and planned for the future.

    Traffic management companies and traffic controllers across the country work in a range of multi-billion dollar infrastructure, recovery, relief and rebuild projects. We represent all aspects of works projects: repair, emergencies, events, utilities, building and construction and protection.

  • Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA)
    Supporting partner
    Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA)

    The Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA) is the peak industry body representing Contractors, Manufacturers, and Suppliers, Road and Government Authority representatives and Consultants engaged in the application / installation of Roadmarking materials, signage, delineation and work zone safety products.

    The RIAA mission is to actively promote awareness and professionalism throughout all levels of the Australian pavement delineation industry by advocating the benefits of professionally applied and maintained quality pavement delineation products.

    To provide our members with professional representation and support through effective industry communication to Road Authorities, Government bodies and other strategically important organisations. To create an environment conducive to business growth and profitability for members dedicated to the provision of quality products and reliable service.

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  • Duncan Solutions
    Gold Sponsor
    Duncan Solutions

    Duncan Solutions is an Australia business focussed on delivering unified parking and payment solutions for municipalities across Australia, New Zealand and within Asia. Duncan is focused on providing best-practice solutions for parking and regulatory management and committed to helping cities achieve their objectives including:

    • making it easier for motorists to find and pay for available parking spaces
    • equitable use of parking spaces via an efficient and effective compliance program
    • reducing vehicle congestion and resultant pollution and accidents
  • GTA Consultants
    Silver Sponsor
    GTA Consultants

    GTA Consultants has become Australia’s pre-eminent transport consultancy, partnering with clients to deliver quality, people-focused outcomes. GTA brings a comprehensive understanding of car parking, providing best practice approaches to manage all facets of the parking system. Our advice is strengthened by our comprehensive transport planning and engineering services, enabling integrated parking solutions to be developed alongside all areas of the transport network – public transport, road traffic, and active travel infrastructure. This holistic approach to transport and parking management means that we are best placed to assist Local Governments in managing and optimising your parking resources.